3 Main Reasons Why It's Important to Retain Information

Many times we go through life trying get quick information for a moment and then we let it go in one ear and out the other without thinking about if this information will be useful later. How many times have you caught you yourself saying I think I heard that somewhere before? Or I learned something about that in high school? Somehow the information is no longer there. And even though it may be easier to learn the second time around it is time that has been wasted relearning something that you already had the knowledge to before.

There is only so much time in our lives we get and we choose what we do with that time. Some people choose to work long hours at a conventional jobs, some people are stay at home parents and some people are professional opportunity seekers. Whatever it is that you do with your time don’t waste it on receiving information twice when it can be prevented.

1. Time is wasted.

There are 24 hours in a day and everyone is given that same time to do everything that they do. That means that Albert Einstein, Beyonce, Thomas Edison and Michelle Obama all had the same amount of time as you to become the legends of their field as you do to become the legend of yours. If you took those few minutes to retain the information that was given to you that would be a few minutes of more knowledge you had in your life. How would you want to spend your 24 hours? Would it be doing the same thing over and over or choosing to have a new adventure every time?

2. You can expand your knowledge

When you retain information that is given to you, you have the capacity to grow that knowledge. When you were given simple information as a kid you learned a little and then it grew into something amazing. Think about your favorite subject and how excited you may have been to learn the next thing because the information was flowing in your brain and you wanted to know more. You didn't need to go over the same information every day because you retained and expanded. Sometimes you get so much information that you decided to make a career out of it. And then eventually you become the best in your field. You are not an ordinary person and neither is your brain. Your are extraordinary!

3. Future Knowledge

The information you learn today can be useful for later. There are times you think you will never need this information again and then boom it pops up later but you forgot the information and can't apply it where it is needed because you have to take your very precious and valuable time to relearn something you didn't retain. This could have been time spent on learning new things to supplement the information you already had. Think about being in a room with people who don’t expect you to know anything on a subject they are talking about and out of no where you have information they didn’t think you would. Now you can expand on what you know and feel good because you are asking less questions and you just made a great impression.

Don't let information you are given go to waste. All information can be a learning experience even if you think the information is not constructive. Take that information and make the best with it. Even if that means you learned what not to do. Knowledge is power that can't be taken away from you. Be your best you and let your mind speak for itself.

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