You Are Powerful!

How often do you wake up in the morning and say I love me, I am awesome, I wish there were more of me? If the answer to this question is all the time then you are on the right track, but if the answer is anything less than this then you can change that!

Believe in yourself

You are important and powerful, and it is time to start telling yourself that every day. Begin your day with at least one phase of affirmation. I am wonderful! This will start the momentum of your day. You have to believe you to set the standard of yourself. When your standard of yourself are high so is your work ethic and your energy. You will begin to fit more things in your day than you thought was possible. You will spend more time doing and less time wishing you could do or thinking about what you want to do.

Be Confident

How you feel will resonate with the people you encounter. Be conscious of how you present yourself. This includes your posture, your words and a simple smile. Look people in their eyes when you talk to them. This shows that you are comfortable with yourself and not afraid of what the other person is going to say. You are ready to handle anything that comes your way. Speak with authority without being harsh. You want to remain personable and friendly. Believe in the words that come out of your mouth because if you don’t how will someone else believe you. When you begin to build your own confidence, you will notice that will want to be around you. They will want to be more like you. You will become a model that people seek to be like.

Be Optimistic

When you have a vision, you should be able to see the positive results in your forecast. Being optimistic allows you to be less intimidated. You will take more chances and see a challenge as a lesson to be greater. You will build a fire in yourself that others will not understand. You will become more successful than your original blueprint of yourself had ever included. Being optimistic allows you to release any negative feelings that may be festering in your spirit. Your energy will be light and your mood will be better. You will have a respect for yourself and an outlook that you can achieve anything.

Being powerful is all about believing in yourself first and knowing that others will follow with that mindset. You are your number one fan and who you see in the mirror is what’s most important. Be the person you want to meet and the person you want to be around and the person you can look up to. Also remember YOU ARE POWERFUL!

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