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Meet Candace

When life changes the course of action you have planned, change your plan of action and keep your goal.

Entrepreneur, Mom, Wife, Self-Developer and Motivational Speaker

Candace P. Fleming

Candace is an exceptional woman who has an evolving brain of self-development. Her whole life she has worked on making herself the best her by applying valuable lessons in life that she and others have gone through. She also has a passion for learning and believes there is an endless amount of knowledge to be gained and looks forward to each opportunity to learn something new.


She earned her undergrad degree from Howard University, a B.F.A. with a concentration in acting. She also earned her M.B.A. at Wayne State University while working full time, being a wife and raising her child. She has tenacity and self-assurance and continues to follow her dreams with positive thoughts. She understands how important self-worth is and it is displayed in her daily actions and connections with everyone she meets.


She has lived life with a smile which allowed her to hold on to positive memories and release most forms of negative memories. She didn’t grow up with a lot of money, but she was wealthy with love from family and friends.


She had a very difficult journey after giving birth to her daughter in 2015. She was hospitalized for two weeks when her newborn daughter was eight weeks old. This was one of the scariest moments for her because not only was this her first child, but she was also breastfeeding. She had gotten so sick that she could not keep down food or liquids. Additionally, she had joint pains that left her unable to lift her child. Candace needed 24-hour care at home to help her manage her sickness and new motherhood. She is so grateful for her husband and family who were there to support her. She was later diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.


This did not kill her spirit because she always told herself that tomorrow will be better than today. She continued to care for her child as best she could and as her child got bigger, she got stronger. She kept a smile on her face through it all because she knew that a positive spirit would only increase her healing. Today she remains happy and healthy with no flares. She continues to encourage people to see the bright side and remains a constant light in their life.

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